There are benefits to teaching in small groups and on a one-to-one basis.

The benefits of small-group learning brings an excitement to the atmosphere whether we are studying about Jewish Holidays, Jewish Values, Torah, or the meaning of prayers, etc.  There is a celebration of diversity.  During small-group interactions, the students may find opportunities to reflect upon and reply to the diverse responses of their peers.  There is acknowledgement of individual differences.  When questions are raised, different students will offer a variety of responses.  Each of these can help the group reflect on these differences and understand that there is often more than one answer to a question.

Cooperative learning takes place as they work together on projects.  This can be especially helpful for students who have difficulty with social skills.

There are more opportunities for personal feedback since there are more exchanges in a group setting.  In a large group maybe one to three students are able to give answers and/or exchange ideas, whereas in a small-group setting each child can receive more feedback about their ideas and responses.

Even in a small group setting I am still able to accurately identify the gaps in your child’s Hebrew reading skills and target those areas.  I can apply different methodologies so your child is successful. Progress is monitored so the student feels confident and comfortable for his/her Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony.

One-to-one instruction has its benefits as well.  I can accommodate students with learning difficulties due to special needs, emotional issues and health concerns.  I adapt to their learning styles and needs so they feel successful.

If you have a child who is very involved in sports, dance, gymnastics and/or other extra-curricular activities, in most cases, I am able to accommodate the schedule.

I teach children and adults of all ages with small group learning or on a one-to-one basis.

Come, learn with me!